Honeycomb Soap, Honey Soap - Honey & Beeswax, 100% Handcrafted, Moisturizing Natural Bar Soap - Face & Body Soap Bar, 4.23oz

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This soap contains raw natural honeycomb. Enzymes bees use making honey remain in honeycomb. This gives honeycomb soap antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Antibacterial properties help soothe the presence of blemishes and acne. It also provides you with a lively and bright skin. It can be used as both face and body soap. Glycerin in its formula gives your skin a natural moisture.

  • REAL HONEY & BEESWAX - A delicious powerhouse with pure honey along with a natural honeycomb will offer you a dreamy shower experience. Naturally packed with vitamin A, beeswax provides moisturization, reduces fine lines and reconstructs damaged skin cells. You definitely bee-long together!

  • VEGETABLE GLYCERIN SOAP - Natural glycerin can be derived either from animal fats or fruits. We only use natural vegetable glycerin derived specifically from pears and apples. The very natural vegetable glycerin is our key ingredient, which allows the usage on face, body and hair, as it automatically adjusts to your own personal pH levels and balances your skin's sebum - moisturizes if you have dry skin, cuts down the excessive oil if you have oily skin.

  • THE MOST AMAZING MOISTURIZER - Glycerin is a fantastic humectant. It draws water into the outer layer of your skin from its deeper layers as well as pulling it directly from the air like a sponge. It then locks that moisture in on a cellular level, leaving your skin wonderfully soft, supple, and dewy. Its hydrating effects are non-toxic, gentle, and long-lasting.

  • UNIQUE BLEND of ESSENTIAL OILS - makes aromatherapy a daily routine! We carefully blend more than 10 high grade natural essential oils and create a unique elixir which is then added to our individually handcrafted soap bars.

  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS - We take pride in our products and do not use harsh chemicals and we are CRUELTY FREE. Our soap bars are SLES, SLS and PARABEN FREE and do not contain other commonly used toxic ingredients by the commercial soap makers.


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