Baby Bedding Set Made of Hypoallergenic, All Natural, Breathable, Suitable For Sensitive Skin, Hemp Based Fabric

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Levant's Baby Bedding Set Made of Hemp Based Fabric 

The only thing your baby needs in their crib is an appropriate-sized firm mattress and a well-fitted crib sheet. 2 The mattress should not show an indentation when the baby is lying on it. To keep your baby warm while sleeping, use infant sleep clothing and sleeping sacks instead of blankets. 

Why should you use this set?

  • Hemp has a strong ability to convey water which can absorb moisture quickly and offer your baby a deep sleep
  • Breathable materials
  • Comes with handwoven baby socks as seen on the picture
  • Sheet Size: 71,5 cm x 133 cm x 20,5 cm (28.15 inch x 52.36 inch x 8.07 inch) 
  • Pillow Case size: 30,5 cm x 30,5 cm (12 inch x 12 inch)
  • Duvet Cover size: 107 cm x 84 cm (42.12 inch x 33 inch)
  • Made of Hemp Based Fabric crib sheet is fully elasticized ensuring a good fit
  • Colors : Blue, Pink

It comes with everything you need to welcome a new one home into his or her first bed, including a pillow case, duvet cover and sheet. Inspite of this pink/blue Nursery in a bedding set, you need to check that the sheets you purchase should be able to release some of the heat to keep your baby sleeping at a comfortable temperature. Hemp based fabric is typically known for being extremely breathable. Those are an excellent alternative to more traditional baby blanket fabrics, such as cotton and polyester. Unfortunately with cotton and other fabrics, it may start out soft but after several washes, they can become harder and less comfortable for your baby. Hemp baby blankets are the exact opposite as they start out soft and stay that way.

Materials: Hemp fabric (using fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant)

Weight : 2kg (approx)