Your New Favorite Shower Accessory; Loofah (Luffa)

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Natural loofah or luffa has been cultivated for skin care since ancient times.

Many people believe that natural loofah (luffa) is obtained from underwater, made of sea sponge or dried coral. However, natural luffa is actually a fruit in the cucumber family which grows in Mediterranean climates. When the loofah fruit is matured, it becomes a gourdlike plant that resembles a giant zucchini or cucumber. Harvested gourds are left to dry out, their seeds are removed. After they are completely dry, they become a natural sponge with exfoliating properties.

Loofah or luffa fruits

With its exfoliating effect, loofah removes dead skin to gently reveal radiant and youthful skin.

Furthermore, exfoliating loofah stimulates and improves blood circulation. Loofah also has soap lather enhancer effect, it produces generous lather naturally.

Soap filled natural loofah (luffa) makes a 100% natural, eco-friendly bath sponge that is biodegradable. While luffa soap removes dirt to gently cleanse, it also softens and smooths the skin.

At Levant’s Naturals, we use Premium quality Egyptian loofah in our shower loofah sponge sets and natural loofah soaps.

Loofah (luffa) is your skin’s new best friend. It is good for you, great for the environment!

It is best to soak your luffa product in warm water before use. It is important to clean your luffa sponge regularly and replace it after a month or two-months of use.

Natural loofah sponges

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  • Thank you Levant’s Naturals for carrying this great product. Please keep it available!!! Also, I love these natural soaps. I chose an option of glycerin soap set (pack of 6). They are fantastic. They don’t dry my skin out, they smell wonderful and I can even use them on my face. Can’t wait to try other products.

    Pervin on

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